Institutional Service at Michigan State University

University Service

Invited Speaker, “Challenges and Stresses of Work-Life Balance and Academic Life: Issues and Strategies.” School of Social Work, February 11, 2008.

Invited Participant, Provost’s Learning Alliance Roundtable on the nature of the student experience at MSU. I was one of about 30 administrators and faculty invited to participate in a day and a half working retreat.

Reviewer, FACT (Families and Communities Together Coalition) Annual Grant Competition. This responsibilities involved about 6 hours of reviewing grant applications and then a half-day meeting with other reviewers.

MSU Representative to a workshop on Inclusive Excellence, sponsored by the MSU Women’s Resource Center and the University of Michigan Center for Education Women. The time commitment involved two full days, Jan. 26-27, 2007 in Ann Arbor.

Member, Mildred B. Erickson Scholarship Board. This group provides scholarships for returning undergraduate students. I attend occasional meetings.

Member, ADVANCE Grant-Writing Group. Participated in the group of administrators and faculty who conceptualized and prepared a grant proposal to the National Science Foundation ADVANCE Program (a program concerning the advancement of women faculty and doctoral students in STEM fields). Proposal submitted January, 2008.

Member of Interview Process for New Professional Staff Member in the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development, Provost’s Office. Involved one or two meetings.

Participant, “Internationalizing the Student Experience Summit,” Feb. 8, 2007.

Invited Speaker, “Promoting Faculty Productivity and Retention.” College of Human Medicine’s Collaboration and Leadership meeting. December, 20, 2007.

Invited Speaker, “Planned Change and Liberal Learning: Levers for Change,” Retreat of the University Committee on Liberal Learning, June, 2007.

Invited Speaker, “ Building a Model of Curricular/Co-Curricular Responsibility for Liberal Learning at MSU.” Retreat of the University Committee on Liberal Learning, June, 2007.

Invited Speaker, “The Early Career Faculty Experience.” Talk to the FAST Fellows, STEM doctoral students participating in MSU’s CIRTL program, March 21, 2007.

Invited Speaker, “The Doctoral Experience from the Perspective of Doctoral Students: Key Themes from Research.” College of Communication Arts and Sciences, February 23, 2007.

Member, Ad Hoc Committee on More Flexible Faculty Work Life Policies and Practices. Appointed by Associate Provost for Academic Human Resources to serve on this committee which was established to review the University’s work life policies, investigate related policies at other universities, and make recommendations for appropriate changes to the Provost. (2006-07).

Member, Search Committee for the Director of the MSU Press. (October, 2006 – February, 2007.)

Outreach and Engagement Senior Fellow, Michigan State University. Invited by the Associate Provost for University Outreach and Engagement to serve as a Senior Fellow. Responsibilities include serving for a three-year term on the Senior Fellows Advisory Board to Outreach and Engagement. 2007-2009.

Member, Boldness by Design Task Force Member. Appointed by the Provost, Spring, 2006.

Contributor to preparing a proposal submitted to the National Science Foundation to support the recruitment and retention of women faculty in STEM fields. I helped a team led by Dr. Estelle McGroarty, Associate Dean of the College of Natural Science, conceptualize, design, confer with university leaders, and write a grant proposal to the National Science Foundation.

Member, Search Committee for the Provost of Michigan State University, Fall, 2004-Spring, 2005.

Co-Chair, Advisory Committee for the MSU’s Program for Faculty and Organizational Development, 2004 – 2008.

Member, Women’s Advisory Committee to the Provost (WACP). Monthly meetings with the Provost concerning issues of interest and concern to women at MSU. (2005-2008).

Chair, Evaluation Study of MSU’s Faculty and Organizational Development Program and Teaching Assistant Program. Facilitated a team of 3 external evaluators. 2003.

Member, University Task Force on Research Mentoring of Graduate Students, 2003-2004.

Member, Search Committee for MSU’s Director of Faculty and Organizational Development and Senior Advisor to the Provost, 2003.

Co-Facilitator, Survive and Thrive, MSU’s program on the tenure process for new and early career faculty, 1993-1997, 2000-2007.

Panel Presenter, MSU New Faculty Orientation, 1999—on-going.

Seminar Leader for Lilly Faculty Seminar Series on Teaching and Learning sponsored by the Provost’s Office.  Seminars offered:

  • “The Challenges of Faculty Life:  Changing Contexts, Experiences, and Expectations,” 2001.
  • “Teaching and Learning as Inquiry,” 2000.
  • “Classroom Assessment Strategies: Why Do They Work and Where Do We Go From
  • Here?,” 1999.
  • “What Really Works Well: Learning From Each Other about Teaching and Learning,”
  • 1997.
  • “Enhancing Learning through Classroom Assessment Techniques: Principles and Strategies,” 1997.
  • “Collegial Cooperation:  Strategies to Improve Teaching,”  3 seminars, 1995-1996.
  • “Strategies for Classroom Assessment,” 3 seminars, 1994-1996.
  • “Teaching for Understanding:  Strategies for Enhancing Students’ Learning,”  3 seminars, 1994-1995.

Invited Seminar Leader for Graduate Students: “Professionalism and Professional Development in the Academy.” Sponsored by Graduate School in Career Selection and Professional Skill Development Workshop Series. About 200 graduate students attended. October 7, 2006.

Invited Seminar Leader for Graduate Students: “Transitioning from Graduate Student to New Faculty Member: Strategies for Success in a New Faculty Role.” Seminar for graduate students sponsored by the Women and International Development (WID) Program. About 20 graduate students and faculty attended. MSU. March, 2006.

Invited seminar leader for Michigan State University’s MULTI Program for Department Chairpersons. Seminars offered:

  • “Supporting Early Career Faculty,” October, 1998.
  • “Getting New Faculty Started: Challenges and Concerns Experienced by Early Career Faculty,” October, 1998.

Presenter, “Preparing the Faculty of the Future: Challenges and Issues in Doctoral Education.” Presentation for the Teaching Assistant Program, April, 2004.

Appointed as a member to the MSU South Africa Implementation Committee, 1999-2001.

Elected to Core Faculty of the MSU African Studies Center, 1999 — on-going.

Elected to Consulting Faculty of the MSU Women and International Development Program, 1999 — on-going.

Invited Speaker to delegation of Russian educators concerning “Higher Education in the United States,” September, 2002.

Invited Participant, MSU’s Wharton Seminar for Academic Leaders, January, 2002.

Invited Participant, University seminar series on “Women, Race, and Privilege,” 2000—on-going.

Member, Advisory Board, MSU’s FIPSE Project entitled “Setting Expectations and resolving Conflicts in Graduate Education,” directed By K. Klomparens and J. Beck. 2000–2002.

Proposal Reviewer, MSU Intramural Research Grants (IRG) Program, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003.

Invited to author one of the letters to undergraduate students published in Invitations to Learning: Letters to Students from the Faculty of Michigan State University, 1999. Letter is entitled “Joining a Community of Learners.”

Invited presentation to Deans entitled: “Issues and Challenges Confronting Early Career Faculty and the Role of Deans and Department Chairs,” March 2001.

Member, MSU Leadership Team for the American Council on Education/Kellogg Foundation Project on “Leadership and Institutional Transformation,” 1996-1997.

Co-Chair, University Task Force on Faculty Development, which was one part of MSU’s involvement in the American Council on Education/Kellogg Foundation Project on “Leadership and Institutional Transformation.” 1996-97. The report from this Task Force led to the creation of MSU’s Forum on Teaching and Learning Excellence.

Invited Participant, Michigan State University Pew Roundtable. Invited by University President and Provost to be one of 30 participants to envision ways to enhance the academic environment at the university, 1995-1996.

Co-Developer of a Teaching Assistant (TA) Certification Program for MSU. Worked with Drs. K. Klomparens and C. Book to develop and propose a Certificate Program in University/College Teaching for MSU doctoral students.

Invited Speaker to the MSU Board of Trustees concerning “The Serious Student Concept,” 1997.

Member, ex officio, University Committee for Improving, Evaluating, and Rewarding Teaching (CIERT), Fall, 1992-94.

Major speaker for MSU’s Lilly Teaching Fellows Program Opening Retreat, September, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994.

Speaker, Orientation for Academic Specialists, December, 1994.

Member, Board of Directors, Faculty/Professional Women’s Association (FPWA), 1995-1997.

Invited speaker, seminar leader, and/or consultant for programs on faculty, organizational, or teaching issues in the College of Human Medicine, College of Osteopathic Medicine, James Madison College, the Agricultural Economics Department, the Developmental Psychology Program, the College of Nursing, the Department of Accounting, the Department of Finance, the Faculty in Natural Sciences, the Department of Economics, the Department of Philosophy, the MSU Writing Center, the Teaching Assistant Program, the Department in Child and Family Ecology, the School of Social Work, 1991-2009.

College of Education Service

Member, College of Education Seed Grant Committee. This involves reviewing applications and meeting twice a year. 2007-2009.

Facilitator/Teacher for Leadership Training Fellows, Counseling and Education Psychology Program. Provide a year-long seminar meeting once a month entitled “Seminar on Faculty Work and the Academic Workplace” for the doctoral student Fellows in School Psychology and Special Education (part of a grant led by Dr. John Carolson). 2007-08.

Chair, College Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee, 2004-2006 (elected). Member, 2003-2004.

Chair, Faculty Advisory Committee to the Dean, 2001-2002 (elected). Member, 2000-2002.

Member, College of Education Committee for Endowed Scholarships, 2000-2006.

Member, College of Education Curriculum Committee, 1993-95. (elected)

Member, Advisory Board, Center for the Scholarship of Teaching, 2001-2003.

Member, Task Force on On-Line and Distance Learning, College of Education, 2000 (appointed).

Member, Spencer Research Training Grant Application Review Team, 1997, 1999. (appointed)

Member, Spencer Research Training Grant Program Advisory Group, 1997. (appointed)

Participant, College of Education International Theme Group, 1997, 1999.

Departmental Service

Program Coordinator, Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education Program, Department of Educational Administration, 1994-June, 1997.  Responsible for providing leadership concerning curriculum development and planning, admissions, advising, and academic quality for three graduate programs–Ph.D. in Higher, Adult, and Lifelong Education; Master’s in Student Affairs; Master’s in Adult and Continuing Education.

Member, Department of Educational Administration’s Advisory Committee to the Chair, (DAC), 1991-1997, 2000-2007 (elected).

Department Liaison for Scholarships, 2000–2007.

Member and Chairperson, Department Committee of Faculty Affairs (DCFA), 2006-08.

Member, Search Committee for Department Chair, 2006.

Member and Chairperson, Department Committee on Academic Programs, 1991-1993, 1998-2001. Chair, 1991-1993, 2000-2002. (elected)

Member and Chair, Department Committee on Faculty Affairs, Michigan State University, 1995-97 (member), 2006-8 (Chair).

Member and/or Chairperson, HALE/Department Program Faculty Search Committees, 1992, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2003.

Member, Board of Directors, Featherstone Society, on-going.